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AlphaGraphic brick-and-mortar location

Welcome to Alphagraphics of Bergen County. We are a local marketing and printing company located at 95 Greenwood Ave Midland Park, New Jersey 07432.

We are your premier marketing and printing solution - serving the Midland Park market. The success of your business is your biggest priority, and ours as well. At Alphagraphics of Bergen County we focus on results and the return-on-investment of your marketing dollars. We are your local visual marketing and communication experts, who truly care about product quality, customer satisfaction and establishing long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our Full Service Offering


We're not printers who do marketing and design. We're marketers and designers who happen to be expert printers.


We’ve perfected your print and marketing management with one tool that can support your entire business.

Solutions for Businesses

Managing a business takes finesse, market savvy, flexibility, and a whole lot of time. Meeting last-minute deadlines, maintaining inventory, promoting sales and new services, and staying on budget are just a few of the tasks on a business owner’s “to-do” list. That’s why you need an experienced business solutions provider, like AlphaGraphics, in your corner.


More than just a box, agBox is a way for you to create unforgettable experiences for your audiences while connecting them with your brand. Create a custom-designed and branded package, fill it with your choice of swag, goodies, and printed materials, and have it delivered directly to your target audience—for less than the cost of lunch!


AlphaGraphics is a family business that has been services businesses and organizations for over three decades. We are a full-service printing company dedicated to helping you with your printing and marketing needs. Our team is highly trained and experienced to help you reach your target audience and maximize your marketing results.


While we are well known for your quality printing and signs, we also specialize in a number of other areas. We provide fast, reliable, and affordable printing without sacrificing quality or durability. We’ll help you see your potential and help you reach your business goals.

We offer numerous marketing services such as:

  • Mailing services
  • Lead generation
  • Website design
  • Mobile marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Print materials
  • Strategic consulting
  • Fulfillment and more

When you partner with AlphaGraphics in Bergen County, you are sure to be able to easily measure your success.


We have years of experience in successful mailing services. We’ll help you create a mailing list, design quality custom communication materials, and target your audience with the right message. We will help you with every aspect of mailing promotional and educational products to your audience. We’ll help you utilized the post office’s Every Door Direct Mail program so you can target a specific local audience.

At AlphaGraphics in Bergen County we have numerous mailing strategies and products to help you maximize your marketing efforts. Contact us today to learn more!



Our results and award-winning work pretty much sum up everything. But who are we to say no if our clients want to "toot our horn" a bit?

"We can always rely on AlphaGraphics to come in on time 

and  on budget. They go the extra mile to insure the best 

of  service."

Linda Fowler - Pinnacle Bank "I work with AlphaGraphics for one reason, peace of mind.

I know deadlines will be hit, and my work is going to get

done on time, correct, and within budget."

Jennie Reynolds -LifeTeen, Inc.


"Thank you for all the hard work on taking care of our high

priority jobs. It is always pleasant to work with you and your

staff. Looking forward to a great 2012."



"I want to thank you for the results submitted to date.  We, like you, are happy to work together toward what

we all can be proud of."





Aside from our can-do attitude and client obsession, what really keeps our clients coming


back  are  the results we achieve. Want to see yourself? Check out our case studies. 


Here are a few tips to help you prepare and submit your job. Notall of this information will apply to everyone, but if you run into problems, chances are you'll findan answer on this page. If you don't see the answer you'relooking for,just email,and we'll get back to you. We'll also update this page with the answer, ifit's a problem othersfrequentlyhave.

Try to use a page layout program (such as InDesign or Quark) to create your job. We accept jobs created in other programs, but these offer the best results.

This page will be updated onan ongoing basis, so checkback for new info and tips.

Best InDesign tip: go to View > Overprint Preview. This will show you how the job will actually look on paper. You can catch many errors, especially with transparency, using this feature.


When you are finished designing your project, go to File > Package. On the window that appears, look for a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. If you do not see this, it means InDesign found no errors, and you can skip to the next paragraph. If you do see the triangle, review the "Fonts" and "Links and Images" section. In all likelihood, this is where the problem will be. Chances are, the problem will be RGB photos. See the "Photoshop" heading on this page for instructions on how to fix this error. After you have fixed the problem, you will have to update the links, and start the Package process over. Another common error is missing images. Use the "Relink" button to find them.

If InDesign has detected no errors, continue with the "Package" process. Click the "Package" button, enter instructions if you wish, click "Continue." You will be prompted to create a folder name. (FYI, this process creates a new copy of your project.) Name the folder after yourself or your company, and check off all applicable boxes in the window, towards the bottom (the first three are mandatory). "Save" the folder to your desktop (a font restriction warning will appear after you click "Save." Click "OK" when you see this warning). Finally, compress the new folder, and upload via the Upload Files page.


After you have finished designing your project, go to Utilities > Usage. Check that all fonts used are loaded correctly. Fonts that are not loaded correctly will be in parentheses. Update missing fonts using the "Replace" button, choosing the appropriate font. Check that all picture are "OK." If they are "Missing," navigate to them using the "Update" button. If they are "Modified," click the "Update" button. Review your project to ensure the updates are correct, and no changes have occurred.

If all is well, go to File > Collect for Output. In the "Save As" dialog at the top of the window, name your project. Choose the desktop as the destination, and create a new folder there. Name this folder after yourself or your company. Next,be sure the Layout, Linked Pictures, Printer Fonts and Screen Fonts boxes are all checked. Click "Save." Click "OK" if a font restriction warning appears. Finally, compress this folder, and upload via the Upload Files page.


Stand alone Illustrator files should be submitted in their native format, which is .ai (Illustrator document). Be sure the color space is set to CMYK, even if you are using Pantone colors. If you do not anticipate any changes, you can convert the fonts to outlines, or simply include them with the file. If you have embedded images, please send those along as well, in case they require adjustments to make them press ready.


Stand alone Photoshop files should be submitted in their native format, which is .psd (Photoshop document). If transparency and/or text is used, they should be sent unflattened. Accepted color spaces are: Grayscale, CMYK or Duotone (using Pantone colors). You can select the color space when you create a new document, or by going to Image > Mode >. You will see the options under this heading.

Be sure the resolution is 300 pixels per inch or higher. This is set when creating a new project. Increasing the resolution after you have started will not increase the quality, so it's important to do this as the first step. You can check the resolution at any time by going to Image > Image Size. If you have an existing project with a low resolution, it may be possible to still use it, especially if the Photoshop size is larger than the printed size will be. As always, feel free to send it to us for a look.


If possible, avoid sending PDF files. Instead, send native files (i.e. the program the project was created in). While PDFs can be used, they are often prepared incorrectly. For example, the "Press Quality" preset lowers the quality of images. If a PDF is the only option, send it along, and we'll let you know if we find anything that would negatively affect the quality of your job.


Word files can be used to print single or full color jobs. Some Word files can be done as two or three Pantone colors, as long as the colors do not touch. If you are using images or logos, be sure to send these along as separate files, in case we need to swap them with the embedded images in Word. In any case, feel free to send the file, and we'll let you know if it will work, or if it requires additional fixes to make it press-ready.


To compress files for upload, it's easiest to use the built-in compression feature, available on both Mac and PC. For Mac, right click on your job folder, and choose "Create Archive." For PC, right-click on the job folder, mouse down to "Send to," and click on "Compressed (zipped) folder." A ZIP folder will be created with both of these options. Rename the archive after yourself or your company.



Below is a standard layout, for use as a guide. Mandatory fields are inbold; the others are "if applicable." Numbers next to certain fields correspond to the notes below the list.

  • Client ID
  • Salutation
  • Prefix 1,First 1, Middle 1,Last 1, Suffix 1 [1]
  • Prefix 2, First 2, Middle 2, Last 2, Suffix 2
  • Addressee [1]
  • Title
  • Department
  • Company [2]
  • Address 1[3]
  • Address 2 [3]
  • City, ST ZIP

Please submit lists in XLS, XLSX, CSV or TAB format.

Following the steps below will ensure the maximum level of address quality. It is vital to follow these guidelines. They will allow us to locate the maximum number of dupes, and obtain the most accurate NCOA (National Change of Address) updates from the Post Office.

[1] The recipient's name should be have as many unique fields as possible {First and Last being mandatory). This is necessary for deduping, and NCOA. If you'd like, you can provide a parsed name, and an Addressee field. We'll use the parsed name for deduping and NCOA, and use the Addressee field on the mail piece. This is useful if you are mailing to a couple, and would like both names on one line.

[2] All data should be in a unique field. For example: you have a list with 2000 names, and none of them are a business address. You have a new addition to the list, and this one is a business address. In this case, you wouldn't place the company name in the Address 1 field, and move the address to Address 2. You would create a Company field, and add the business name there.

[3} Lists should have two address lines only. The address lines should contain only valid street address data, such as 123 Main St, Apt 3.

Why AlphaGraphics?

Exceptional Service

We provide easy, best-in-class service to support your business needs.

Creative Mindset

We bring creativity and innovation to turn your dreams into reality.

Proven Expertise

For over 50 years, we've helped brands get noticed and get business.

Engaged Partnership

We believe in building relationships with our customers, because we are most successful when we work together.

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